While accepting of and benefiting from the new music streaming, sharing and stealing technologies, I actually miss the time when you actively listened to an album, in its entirety, from start to finish.

Back in the days before instant music access,  you really got to know your albums intimately – the sequence of tracks, the idiosyncrasies of some of the lead-ins, and the all-important curtain call of the final track. It was a complete, uninterrupted process and the most satisfying way to maximise both your investment and listening experience.

Back in early April of 2013 I started my quest to start focusing on and actively listening to my entire (physical) music collection all over again. Also included in this is my new found obsession with the acquisition of essential vinyl. My intention is to listen to as many recordings as I can, every week, without interruption.

With over 3000 CDs, vinyl albums and hi-res recordings, it’s going to take quite some time.
I have taken a somewhat random approach to choosing what I listen to so that l ensure I give those less-than-stellar recordings a fair go. To be honest I've only come across a handful of non-essentials and even these have some merit.

Music I've been listening/re-listening to lately