Chris's Gigs List

Best Concerts/Live Acts Seen/Heard by CGK: 
(order impossible, dates fuzzy)

  • Santana, ChCh Town Hall, 1976
    At their large band best, a good (heady) period in their history. Mr Santana has been quoted recently saying it was one of their most memorable concerts. Fantastic sound and spectacular
  • Echo And The Bunnymen, Wgtn Town Hall, 1980s
    At their peak. A powerhouse, best light show I’ve ever seen, not for faint hearted
  • John Hiatt (solo), Wellington Town Hall, 1980s
    What one man can do with just a guitar or a piano, the audience was in his hands
  • Amazing Rhythm Aces, Wellington Show buildings, 1979?
    Had a chat with the lovely down home lads
  • Little Feat, ChCh Town Hall, 1976
    Lowell was worse for wear but the band punched it out
  • Kenny Garrett, Wgtn Opera House, 2010?
    Contemporary jazz at its best, fantastic band of talented energy
  • REM, Wgtn Town Hall, 1980s
    Wasn’t really into them but their concert was very stylish and professional, devoted crowd
  • Talking Heads, 1979
    Always interesting but a bit awkward – that’s Byrne for ya
  • The Cure, 1980
    Classy sound/light, new wave, Seventeen Seconds
  • Bob Dylan, (old) Wembley stadium, London, UK, 1997
    Just after his heart attack, too much echo, but it was the occasion, largest indoor crowd I’ve been in
  • Joni Mitchell
    A couple of times, one ok with hubby, one grumpy and stiff and lecturing
  • Joan Armatrading, 1978
    Good solid concert
  • Steely Dan, ChCh show buildings
    With some SU&L whanau in tow to see the spitter
  • Calexico, Wgtn Opera House
    Twice, lovely songs, great brass
  • Blood Sweat & Tears, late 1970s
    Lovely orchestration. Included singer Jerry LaCroix who had just finished with Edgar Winter’s White Trash. Met him, friendly but a street tough mutha
  • Chick Corea & John McLaughlin. Wgtn Town Hall, 2010ish
    They hadn’t aged, very clever, great band
  • Ry Cooder
    A couple of times, master of blues and slide and stories
  • BB King, 1976
    before U2 and pop songs ruined him
  • Byrds (McGuinn & Hillman), Dunedin Town Hall, late 1970s
    Met them backstage, Hillman a gentleman muso
  • Elvis Costello, 1985, ChCh Town Hall
    With T Bone Burnett, surprisingly good
  • Lou Reed, 1974, somewhere
    A couple of times, one tight with Hunter & Wagner, the other an aggressive jerk

Honourable mentions:

  • Siouxsie & the Banshees, 1983 - With Robert Smith on guitar – messy but punchy;
  • Willie Nelson, 1981, Wellington Athletic Park - On our wedding day! I was distracted…;
  • JJ Cale, 1976, ChCh or Dunedin - Just what you’d expect – no more, no less;
  • Eberhard Weber, some Wgtn night club, 1979 - Contemporary ECM jazz bass, a master close up;
  • Jan Garbarek, 1980s - ECM jazz sax & quartet, heady intense sound
  • The Great Ngaruawahia Music Festival, 1973Black Sabbath, Fairport Convention - NZ’s Woodstock, hitchhiked from/to Dunedin!


Many wonderful kiwi shows
, from Blerta, Mammal, Human Instinct, Ticket, Split Enz, to…
A number of talented international acoustic jazz musos at Wgtn Jazz Festivals…

Most Disappointing:

Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed


Echo And The Bunnymen by a country mile. Pregnant women went into labour, salads left early, vertigo was rampant, the town hall shifted on its foundations (now closed undergoing structural strengthening…).