Various Artists - Morning Of The Earth OST (1971)

On vinyl

Just when you think you've seen everything as far as ridiculous bargains go at The Warehouse, something even more astounding comes along.

Out for my Sunday meditative morning walk, armed with my iPhone, B&W headphones and Oppo DAC, I thought I'd better pop into TWH just for a once over of the "Entertainment" section. There in all of it's hugeness and splendour, was a big, deluxe box set of this early 70's Australian surf film soundtrack. While it was the excitement of owning the vinyl (2 double albums) this deluxe package also included 2x CDs, 1x 7" single, a 120 page hardback book, poster and T-Shirt. All for the cost of a couple of packs of fags - not that I smoke.

By the way it also sounds absolutely FANTASTIC!!