Blancmange - The Very Best Of Blancmange (2012)


Another great bargain bin find that helps greatly with my retro-manic obsession.

I was listening to these dudes along with Human League, Heaven 17, OMD and god help us all, China Crisis back in the post punk, new wave, serious band transition period!!

This has aged surprisingly well and despite sounding a bit "thin" (and there's a few godawful electronic drum flurries) it's remarkably catchy.

They were always the quirky end of serious and were followers rather than pioneers but most importantly, you could just listen to them without much investment. 

One of my favourite records at the moment, and streaming on Tidal, is Blancmange's "Unfinished Rooms" released just last week. Not a bad effort at all for these old knob twiddlers!