Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti (1975)


OMG I need this this evening! The bastards at work are getting me down big time. It's time to purge.

In May 2015 I wrote:

"40 years ago on my way to high school or during school lunch break, I walked into a Hastings record shop (Sucliffes) to buy Led Zeppelin's new album with my $5.75. 

Unfortunately, it was a double album and I was short. I was devastated. I remember going home later that day to beg for the difference. The Old's relented. I then played that big mother fucker of a record to death.

I re-purchased the recent remaster on 180g Vinyl when I was in Wellington. I let my boy Peter unwrap and open it. I think it was apt."

I still love this monster to death!