Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect (2015)


(punctuated with Tool's "Stinkfist") 

Fucking Kettley's at it again!! Been out, come home. The prick's got some awful, bassy house music blarring out his back patio (sounds like it's coming out of his arse!)

Tool's "Stink Fist" at full blast should help silence the bastard. Let's not undervalue the song though - it's an absolute stonker! 5 minutes should do it. I feel better at least.

I decide to pull my head in and enjoy the sonic splendour of Detroit's Protomartyr. They have just released the sensational "Relatives Of Descent" but it hasn't reached these shores on vinyl yet.
This will do though. Fugazi meets Joy Division. Brilliant! Kettey's now a distant memory.