Throwing Muses - Red Heaven (1992)

Live:    Thursday 25/09/2014 - Islington Assembly Hall, London (with Tanya Donnelly)

Without a second thought Dave Narcizo is my favourite drummer! His unfathomable powerhouse performance was stunning - cymbal less and frenetic and perhaps the lead instrument.

Kristin Hersh's voice is heaven sent - all angelic raspy and her snarly guitar playing efficiently brilliant.

Bernard Georges is equally proficient as the bass player and there's one hilarious moment as a music lesson unfolds when he and Ms. Hersh muck up one of the songs intros.

One thing's hard to understand though - there's only three musicians in this band and the precise and venue-engulfing sound they are making seems impossible.

Prior to all of this Tanya Donnelly and her band play a fantastic set that also includes one my favourite Muse's songs "Not Too Soon" from "The Real Ramona" - the last Muse's album that Tanya Donnelly played on.

I would have left happy at that but the show that unfolded after the entree was just fantastic.

Islington Assembly Hall is also up there as one of my favourite venues. Saw the stunning "Blonde Redhead" there 4 nights later!!