The Cure - Wish (1992)

Live:    Wednesday 13/08/1992 - Town Hall, Wellington

I absolutely loved this gig and it goes down as one of the longest I've ever been to at nearly 3 hours.

Robert Smith arrived in his great big boots along with the rest of the band to a wonderful backdrop and light show. His great big Schecter monstrosity added the atmospheric palate to a sublime band performance. Not a lot of banter but he let the songs do all of the talking. By this period in their touring life they had an immense repertoire of songs. However, it was their 20 minute version of "A Forest" during their third encore that was the highlight for me. (Seventeen Seconds will always remain my favourite Cure album).

What struck me though was the openly emotional state of some of the goths there for a spiritual cleansing. They ebbed and flowed with every song and many tears were shared that evening.  

A brilliant band, an equally brilliant show.

[I see Richard you saw them in Perth about 10 days later!]

Wish is a great album and the tour in support of it - one of their most popular in their history. The played 111 shows in 1992.