Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream (1993)

Live:    Wednesday 4/02/1994 - Town Hall, Wellington (with The Breeders!)
Live:    Monday 27/05/1996 - Town Hall, Christchurch    

I won the album "Siamese Dream" and a T-Shirt at Everyman Records back when it was released in the early 90's. Up to that point I'd never heard of them. 
On the strength of this brilliant album I went and saw them and The Breeders in Wellington.

The Breeders were absolutely fantastic and actually played their set twice after swapping around their instruments. Kim Deal was on top form.

The Pumpkins played an incendiary set but for some reason Billy packed a complete sad after some heckler suggested that The Breeders come back on stage. It was his birthday as well and someone even went to the trouble of making him a cake. He just walked off with his Strat howling with feedback. Fucking great gig though!

I saw them again 2 years later in Christchurch. Another great show with a bald Billy being far more civilised. I prefer him grumpy to be honest!

Siamese Dream was a land mark record for me - rock music was alive and well in the mid 90's. Later on Billy had some issues but you can't deny the genius and sonic punch of this great record.