David Bowie - Station To Station (Harry Maslin Mix) (1976)


Live:    David Bowie - 24/11/1983 - Athletic Park, Wellington

What a fucking tragedy!

I was just a year or two too young to go to Bowie's 1978 concerts in Auckland and Christchurch. (Why don't you rub it in Richard and Bruce!!)
Instead I had the misfortune of seeing the post-Duke, mainstream Bowie play in Wellington 5 years later. It probably was a great gig - I can't honestly remember.

The revelation, realised immediately, was that Bowie had sold out to the masses. Let's Dance was ok(ish) but it certainly wasn't even close to Hunky Dory, Low or this masterpiece. 
He was no longer MINE!

Old ladies dancing in the isles to all of his hits. Fuck off! I'd rather be at a Nana Mouskouri gig. 

This, for many ridiculous reasons, was the most disappointing gigs I've ever been to.