Blonde Redhead - Barragan (2014)

Live:    Blonde Redhead - Monday 29/09/2014 - Islington Assembly Hall, London

I've been a huge fan of this New York-based threesome for many years and was thrilled to see them play live at the awesome Islington Assembly Hall. (I'd seen the amazing Throwing Muses 4 days earlier at the same venue)

Japanese vocalist/guitarist Kazu Makino and twin Italian brothers, drummer, Simone and guitarist Amedeo Pace, put on a brilliant show that's probably second only to Sonic Youth for shear discordant, melodic splendour.

I savoured every minute of this and couldn't wipe the smile off my face for days. Kazu Makino was the real star for me though - what a great vocalist and she plays a mean guitar. what's not to like?