Bivouac - Tuber (1994)

Just finished watching (not intentionally I'll have you!) a bit of the appalling Graham Norton show. On that show was some god awful female Euro-vision contestant who was about to represent Great Britain in that wonderfully relevant competition for the European community (whoops!). God help em if that's the best they can do.

After experiencing the most excruciating, vomit inducing song I have ever heard, I just needed to purge myself. 

It was either playing the ever reliable Helmet (American) or keeping it more relevant and playing some good old West Yorkshire noize. I chose the later of course.

This rare-as-hen's-teeth record does the job very nicely indeed. A three piece that make a great big melodic racket! They disbanded after only a couple of records. A wonderful relic from the 90's that no one's ever heard. 

Best track: "Steel Strung" "....these are my apathy stains"