My Morning Jacket - Z (2005)

Aside from John Grant, try and find a more pure voice in rock than Jim James. As with John Grant's band, the Czars, it's really all about the front guy. While MMJ is a great, great band, the true inspiration and catalyst for this astonishing record is Jim James. 

He's gone on and worked with many others in all sorts of genres - The Roots, M.Ward, Bright Eyes, T.Bone Burnett, Monsters Of Folk and The Decemberists to name just a few. In every case, he has the midas touch.

I was working through a collection of "acquired" videos a few days back and came across a remarkable live performance (in glorious DTS surround) by Jim James and Tom Morello playing "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" at the MusiCares Person Of The Year 2013 tribute to Bruce Springsteen.

What an absolute stonker of a song and guitar solo with The Boss watching, with great admiration, from the audience. In the case it was Tom Morello who stole the show.