John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken + Royal Blood's Debut (2014)

John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken (2014)

I took a bit of a punt on this record. While not my usual cup of tea, I do recognise that I need to "grow up" a bit and find a softer, more lyrical side to my musical universe. Besides, what have I got to lose at $6.98 for a nice slab of vinyl!? 

It didn't take long to allay any fears of making a poor judgement call - it's a bit of a cracker actually. 

Softly spoken like some old, husky blues man, and wearing that big heart of his on his sleeve, he's a great story teller. The politicians and bankers cop the most.  I'd love to hear his post-election "tribute" to Trump.


Royal Blood - Royal Blood (2014)

Another 2014 release, this blink-and-it's-all-over release couldn't be further along on the continuum of noise. 

It's a fucking racket by a couple of dudes playing just bass and drums respectively. 10 riff-tastic, bluesy songs that never outstay their welcome.

I can see why Jimmy Page is so enamoured with them.