Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (SACD) (1973)

I don't give a rat's arsehole what other people think of this record - it's an amazing record that epitomised the brilliance of growing up in the musical potpourri of the early to mid 70's.

I was 13 years for fuck's sake. Bowie, Bolan and Reginald posters plastered my walls. Hearing my sister's copy of The Who's "Live at Leeds" changed everything but this was the nun's nickers until then. 

In today's portable listening world, with everything on shuffle, heard through tinny headphones, highly processed and auto-tuned, star worshiped for image over substance, there are no Bowies, Bolans or Eltons. 

We're buggered I'm afraid folks. I'm a curmudgeon and I worship this record.