Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour '74 (1974)


Rory was a guitar god when I was 15.

This amazing record was always on high rotation and in it's original 2 LP format, was one of my first ever purchases as an after-school, money-earning, bare-arsed and awkward 15 year old. The music geeks I hung around with back then were pretty clued up and were a huge influence on my musical tastes. 

Incidentally, this was also the first bit of vinyl I purchased for my most recent collection which I recommenced just a few years ago. (I gave away the majority of my 1000 plus records years ago - fuck knows why?!!). I picked up this double vinyl, gate-fold remaster before I even had purchased another turntable.

Definitely made to be played on vinyl and in my opinion, and despite tracks being taken from a range of nine gigs, it's one of the best live recordings ever.