Talk Talk - It's My Life (1985)


I picked this up a couple of years ago on vinyl at some second hand shop but hadn't felt any need to give it a spin since. To be honest I was never brave enough to play it until today in fear of promptly removing it from my turntable.

There were two potential scenarios.

  1. Given that it was a 1984 original pressing purchased for 5 bucks from an ecumenical outlet for unloved rubbish, it would sound like shit or

  2. It had dated so poorly, it sounded like the epitome of "dad" rock, and I would cringe in embarrassment and fling it like a Frisbee.

Well my friend, I have news for you. This record was a totally unexpected treat. Sounding rich, inventive and engaging, there was never any risk of any discommodious moment at all. - Review