Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 (2017)


Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-81
I wasn't overly keen on going for a pint on Saturday despite it being muggy, late-afternoon, a spontaneous activity and tempered with a perceived sense at least, that it would more than likely result in a free beer. 

After some initial (and slightly pathetic) protestations, I managed to wander the half mile or so, to take part in this barbaric tradition.

While NOT waiting in line for my free beer, (I have a perfectly good wife useful for such matters and more than capable of ordering and carrying my free pint!), I was shoulder tapped by Mr. Smithies. "Greetings, good sir, have you checked out the Family Jewels lately? 

There it was! A big bad orange cover with 3 slabs of newly minted vinyl and 6 sides of wonderful, unadulterated early 70s and 80s Krautrock. It was a perfect match for the 2 other volumes in my collection.

What a sunny old day this turned out to be. 

The pint tasted absolutely fantastic! Not quite a Mahrs Bräu Kellerbier Ungespundet Hefetrüb, but close enough.