Kraftwerk - Computer World (1981)


This record is without question one of my top 10 albums. And if you are talking about pioneering electronic records, it's second to none.

Sticking to a recent Germanic theme and my recent re-acquaintance with Krautrock, I simply couldn't leave this on the shelf and unplayed this evening. 

I remember (a bit too vividly unfortunately) walking down the main street of Levin in the early 80's, listening to this album through the headphones of my Sony Walkman (on cassette), and wearing some god-awful technicolour dreamcoat thingy (something called a Jak Pak from the Aussie markets?). 

It would have turned some heads but I didn't give a flying fuck.  Life and music, didn't get much better back then. And I'd finally found my cool.

Counting never sounded so good!. "eins zwei drei vier fünf sechs sieben acht"