The Rolling Stones - Blue & Lonesome (2016)


I laughed myself silly this morning while walking the dog with my wife Sarah. On the last stretch home, Sarah stopped walking, hopped on to one leg and proclaimed "I've got stones in my groove".

What a great line I thought, I'll use that! I was quick to acknowledge her sage-ness and promised that any future use of said phrase would be referenced accordingly.

By the way, the offending object was eventually removed from her shoe.

Given this morning's "event" I was only ever going to play one record. This album, which was recorded in just 3 days, is a fantastic return to their blues roots and is as bare bones as you can get. This is what the Stones sounded like 50 years ago and I'm loving it.

Incidentally, I picked up this beauty up on double vinyl for $25 from you-know-where. An absolute steal! - Review