Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (1976)


Right time, right place! I popped into the big red shed this afternoon in mild anticipation (as is always the case) looking for that not-so-elusive bargain.

A couple of 2018 hard bound A4 diaries for $2.97 each, a Systema plastic cereal container for fuck all, a 6 pack of pig ears and 2 slabs of freshly minted vinyl for $40.

The first discovery was a very recent release by Marlon Williams. Some dufus had accidentally priced a vinyl copy I assume, for the same as the CD version - for $20. Score!! (what made it even sweeter was it was on rare red vinyl!!)

The second record was legitimately priced down to a fair dinkum $20. This gem just happened to be a wonderful electronic masterpiece from the 70's. Great to have this back in my collection and sounding all the better with an obvious new remaster.

While the whole thing is brilliant, the final movement, "Oxygene (Part 6)" is just stunning. 

This evening, I'm about as happy as a ravenous dog chewing on a crunchy pig's ear.