Porcupine Tree - Deadwing (2005)


Thanks a lot Richardo!! Since you posed the following question in regards to my Blackfield post  "Where would you suggest one starts if they were interested in delving into the work of the man in question...", I've had nothing but restless days and nights in search of a response. It's been an impossible task but not insurmountable.

You are absolutely correct in your assertion that you simply can't define a musician on the basis of a single entry point. Steven Wilson's output, NOT including all of his amazing remastering/remixing work for other artists, is over 40 records. 

However, I'm going to stick my neck out here and recommend that you give 2005's "Deadwing" a listen. I personally think it's one of SW's "best" works in his entire catalogue. 

Our good friend Adrian Belew plays his fiddle on the tracks "Deadwing" and "Halo". 

I will present you with a copy of "Deadwing". Your homework will be to shut up and listen to it and make up your own mind if he's a keeper.