Interpol - Our Love To Admire (2007)


“Expert” reviews can really be polarising. I nearly didn’t watch a very good thriller the other night, a most entertaining and exciting Jackie Chan/Pearce Brosnan movie “The Foreigner”, coz at least half of the reviews said it sucked. It didn’t.

(Incidentally, being responsible for entertaining others with a suitable film every Saturday evening remains a huge challenge. I’m learning not to completely rely on the review sites).

Interpol got a mauling by several music-centric review sites for this decade old effort but to my nearly 6 decade old ears it is another example of don’t believe what others say. There are at least half a dozen fantastic tracks among the great tracks. While it’s more produced than their first two efforts the songwriting does not suffer at all.

Sometimes the golden rule is make up your own mind. Otherwise you might just end up missing out and playing it too safe.