A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant [Tidal] (2018)


I've decided it's music-streaming-month. I'm now spending more on streaming services like Tidal, Amazon Music and YouTube Red and far less on a physical CD or vinyl record.
There's so many artists and albums I've discovered and actively listening to where I simply don't "own" the media. 

It has always been my objective to actively listen to an entire album and not cherry pick songs or acquire the dreaded "playlist" mentally. By streaming, I'm still sticking to my principles. 

This very recent release from Maynard James Keenan's "A Perfect Circle" is providing some great ear candy lately. I've been totally hooked after several listens. 

It hasn't in all cases found favour with the critics but what I'm hearing is enough for me. It's has a fucking awful cover though.