The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic [Tidal] (1990)


Richard, who I know is very fond of this record, played "My Finest Hour" at last night's Shut Up and Listen session. I thought it might be timely to give it a blast today. (OK it's such a sweet and cheerful pick-me-up sort of record, therefore "blast" is probably not the operative word).
Despite finding my "The Sundays" shelf bereft of this album, I did manage to stream it on request.

Any way, it's all very nice and I'm captivated song after song. But you know what, you get to that track ("My Finest Hour") and it goes to another level completely.

Like Richard, this was on my play list in the early 90's and it's that familiarity and context and some shit hot, slightly off kilter tunes that makes it so special.