Wax Chattels - Wax Chattels [Tidal] (2018)


I went for a nice solo walk on a cold, dull morning - just me, my iPhone and my Sennheiser Headphones. Sometimes, it's the only way to get uninterrupted, listening time. Whether it's music or one of my new favourite pastimes, listening to podcasts.

Aside from a most excellent Russell Brand podcast, (I used to think he was a proper plonker!), I also listened to a great RNZ "Music 101" session from a few weeks back. It was an interview and musical sampler from Auckland three piece Wax Chattels.

What a great find. Bass, Organ (a squelchy old 1976 Yamaha keyboard) and drums. What an awesome racket! They are definitely vinyl worthy.

You can check out the podcast here. Look for "Wax Chattels on their 'guitarless guitar music').