Nitin Sawhney - Dystopian Dream (2015)


Nitin Sawhney's first record, which I encountered at the end of last century, was a game changer for me.

Jeff Beck covered the track "Nadia" from that album a year or two later and it was soon after this that I joined the "Shut Up and Listen" group  on the strength of that one song. 

Admittedly, it was a doctored version combining both Nitin Sawhney's and Jeff Beck's version.
(It was also at that session that I rolled out the great Super Furry Animals track "Juxtaposed with U" - possibly my greatest combined SUAL performance of all time?)

I also had the pleasure seeing the brilliant "Complicite: A Disappearing Number" at the Barbican Theatre in London in 2010. It was sound tracked by Nitin Sawhney and was unforgettable.

While not as cutting edge as his earlier output, this record is another impeccable Nitin Sawhney record.