Porcupine Tree - In Absentia [DVD-Audio DTS 5.1] (2002)


The first Porcupine Tree record I really listened to. And what a way to listen to it! - in all of it's 5.1 high resolution, surround sound splendour.

This Steven Wilson character was already gaining a reputation as a remastering/high resolution sound wiz kid and this particular release could possibly be the best example of mastering I've ever encountered.

I simply can't imagine NOT hearing this record. It's so ingrained in my brain it's like a muscle twitching as reflex. The BIG moment comes however, 4 minutes into "Gravity Eyelids", a pregnant moment of complete nothingness followed by the biggest mother fucking wall of thrashing guitar riffage you could muster up outside of darkest, deepest Norway.

It's Porcupine Tree's finest metal moment. They'd soon go all progressive, but that suited me fine.